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OIC calls for restraint in Egypt

MADINATULIMAN (Cairo) – Secretary General of Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu urged all the Egyptian stakeholders to exercise maximum restraint and calm for the greater interest of the country and its people.

Saying he's been following up the recent developments closely in Egypt, Ihsanoglu expressed his concern over the escalation of tension caused by strong and divergent opinions, in a written statement released recently.

As reported by, Ihsanoglu recalled the glorious history, culture and civilization of Egypt and identified the need for the deployment of continuous efforts to achieve democratic transition in peaceful means.

He further urged all parties to work together in order to strengthen peace, security and stability of the country and keep its national interests above all other considerations.

Anti-Morsi protests killed 12 people and left more than 300 wounded so far. (Sudarto Murtaufiq/nuon)

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